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DoubleBooked offers something different from a traditional book club.  Rather than focus on a single book, we discuss a pairing of books that share similar elements.  Our discussions will explore many genres and perspectives and reward the more adventurous among us.  DoubleBooked meets every month, alternating full discussions with more informal, open book club-style conversations.  Meetings will be held virtually on Zoom until in-person meetings are safe. 

Books discussed this month:


In addition to copies in the library collection, the Friends of the Olympia Library have provided limited extra copies of each title, available at the library on a first-come basis.  Also, anyone with the intention of attending the meeting can purchase their own copy from Browsers Bookshop for 15% off—just mention DoubleBooked!  Feel free to call the library for details. 


After Hours / Después de horario

This event will be held after regular hours, no other library services will be available. / Este evento se realizará después del horario ordinario, no habrá otros servicios de la biblioteca disponible.

Friends Sponsored / Patrocinado por los Friends

Made possible by support from our Friends of the Library. / El evento es posible con el apoyo de nuestros ‘Friends of the Library’.