Reserve a Room

Reserving a Room at the Library

Many Timberland libraries have one or more meeting rooms that may be reserved by individuals and groups.

  • Library meeting rooms are available free of charge as a public service for use by individuals, organizations, or community groups when those meeting rooms are not in use for TRL affiliated or sponsored activities.
  • Meeting rooms may be reserved up to 2 months in advance.
  • No more than 2 meeting room reservations in advance per calendar month.
  • Library staff will review all reservation requests and notify you of the status within three (3) working days days of receipt of the reservation request.
  • Additional same-day, drop-in meetings may be allowed if the meeting room is not in use, for up to two hours.
  • When choosing a time, select the actual start time for your meeting. Greyed-out blocks are not available. The request form will include options to add an additional 60 minutes to setup the room and 60 minutes to tear down the room, you can request to adjust this setup and tear down time as needed. This additional time is for you to set-up, clean, and reset the room.
  • You must return the space to pre-event condition after your meeting reservation time is completed.
  • Read our full policy and procedures on meeting room use.

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